What Does Full Spectrum Mean?

CBD terminology can be confusing. GreenWise CBD is here to help demystify what full spectrum means, and why full spectrum products contain the best mixture of essential compounds of the hemp plant to get the most effective dose of CBD. 

Hemp contains a variety of naturally occurring substances to include not only CBD, but other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, CBC, and a small amount THC (<0.3%). Each of these compounds have specific benefits. Hemp also contains other aromatic compounds called terpenes which are most notably found in essential oils. When all of these plant compounds are combined from the original source, it is proposed that they work together in what is known as the “entourage effect”, helping multiply the potential health benefits. Full spectrum means the product contains all the essential compounds of the hemp plant including THC.

The importance of the entourage effect is that the combination of many cannabinoids together in one product will have a greater therapeutic effect for the body than just one of the cannabinoids taken individually. In other words, a full spectrum product has more “horsepower” underneath it’s hood, which can ultimately help you find the most effective CBD dose!

GreenWise CBD 1,000 mg full spectrum CBD Oil has been specifically formulated to contain naturally occurring cannabinoids in order to deliver the widest range of therapeutically essential compounds all in one bottle. GreenWise CBD goes one step further to ensure quality by testing their products in a state-licensed third-party lab. The results of each lab test are shown on the products’ page and provide customers with much needed peace of mind

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

So, what does full spectrum mean? A full spectrum CBD extract is one that contains a rich diversity of cannabinoids and terpenes. It is considered to be full spectrum because of the many chemical compounds the product retains in the extraction process, as well as the myriad of health specific benefits they can be utilized for. Using a full spectrum product may also make it easier to find an effective dose that is beneficial for you. 

Full spectrum CBD products are sometimes referred to as whole-plant CBD extracts, because they contain the full complement of cannabinoid essential compounds such as CBD and THC, as well as other elements of the hemp plant such as terpenes, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and plant proteins. Terpenes are important because they have their own health benefits such as, being stress relievers (think lavender), helping to decrease inflammation, relieving pain or improving sleep. As more research is done about terpenes, it is clear that CBD with the full balance of compounds is more beneficial and most effective for health.

Although full spectrum CBD products contain THC, (less than 0.3% which is required by federal law) this small amount will not produce an intoxicating effect. To be clear, full spectrum CBD products will not get you high. GreenWise CBD ensures this requirement by having their products tested in a registered third-party lab and providing the results of these tests on their website. GreenWise CBD believes strongly in transparency and honesty – ensuring that each customer receives a high-quality, safe, and legal CBD product.

What are the Specific Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

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The specific benefits of taking a full spectrum CBD oil are numerous. As mentioned above, CBD is just one of the essential compounds found within the hemp plant along with CBG, CBN and others. Each cannabinoid and terpene have specific benefits as well as biochemical effects. The major benefit of using a full spectrum CBD oil is the proposed entourage effect which ensures that all the essential compounds within the hemp plant are present to work in unison.

For instance, CBG has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-tumor properties. CBC also works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, in addition to having anti-depressant and anti-cancer properties. The cannabinoid CBN has a sedative effect, along with being an anti-convulsant and anti-inflammatory compound. Of course, CBD is used as an anticonvulsant, as well as having anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Finally, THC can assist with mood, decrease pain and help digestion.   

In addition to these cannabinoids, full spectrum CBD products also contain essential fatty acids, vitamins, and amino acids that help our body make protein and help with heart health.

In fact, a review of CBD studies published by Dr. Ethan Russo, a neurologist and pharmacologist who has prominently studied cannabinoid compounds and their effect on the body, indicates that there is a greater benefit when the full spectrum of compounds are blended together to work synergistically. 

As you can see, full spectrum CBD products really pack a punch! Imagine having all those health benefits in one small bottle. GreenWise CBD full spectrum 1,000mg CBD oil is a perfect choice for receiving all the cannabinoid essential compounds with an effective dose!  

What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

Broad spectrum CBD products also have a unique place in the CBD arsenal with specific benefits. While full spectrum includes the entire entourage of essential compounds from the cannabis hemp plant, broad spectrum products are more refined and remove the THC from the extract.   

Understanding the difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum is important so that you are aware of which cannabinoid molecules you are taking. If you have concerns about THC in your system, then a broad spectrum product may be a logical choice. 

A broad spectrum formulation will still contain a wide range of cannabinoids as well as the naturally occurring terpenes, but it will be free from all THC. GreenWise CBD offers a 750 mg broad spectrum THC free gummy that gives customers an alternative to the full spectrum line, but still provides a great therapeutic effect. 

The last type of CBD formulation to mention is CBD isolate. This type of product is pure CBD and is “isolated” from all other types of cannabinoids during the extraction process. Simply put, it is CBD in its simplest form with no other naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant. The potential benefits of taking a CBD isolate include accurate dosing, potency, and knowing that you are receiving only CBD in your product. 

What are the Different Types of CBD Products?

GreenWise CBD is not only committed to providing you with a superior product, but also in helping educate you as to what CBD is, how CBD works, and what specific benefits CBD has to help you.

As mentioned, CBD is just one of the many important cannabinoid compounds in the cannabis hemp plant. THC is also naturally found in small quantities (<0.3%) within the plant. By leaving the THC in the full spectrum CBD oil formulation, the ability for all the compounds to work together is greater (entourage effect). 

Whether you choose a full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate CBD formulation from GreenWise CBD, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality products . 

Erin Erb Hughes is a freelance health writer and educator with specializations in physical therapy and massage therapy. She uses CBD herself, and has seen great results in her patients and clients who utilize CBD products for many types of ailments and chronic conditions.  

Disclaimer: GreenWise CBD and its affiliates are not able to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment guidance. The information presented here has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not meant as a substitute for, or an alternative to information given by a healthcare practitioner. Please consult your physician before beginning a CBD regimen.  

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