Top 5 Reasons Why CBD May Not Have Worked for You

Top 5 Reasons Why CBD May Not Have Worked for You. If you have tried a CBD product in the past but didn’t have the type of results you were looking for, here are a few things to consider before your next CBD purchase.


The top 5 reasons why CBD may not have worked for you in the past include: 


#1 – Poor quality CBD products

The first reason that CBD may not have worked as you hoped is due to the purchase of poor- quality CBD products. Buyer beware! Never could a statement be more accurate than this one in the unregulated market of CBD products. If the deal is too good to be true, then it probably is. For example, a bottle of superior quality 1000mg CBD oil will typically cost around $100. This price is due in part to ensuring the purity of the hemp, extracting the CBD in a clean way, and the cost of laboratory analysis to verify its contents. 

Unfortunately, there are many poor-quality CBD products that are being marketed and sold to consumers who don’t know what they are buying, or know the difference when it comes to reputable brands. Without third-party testing and a verifiable certificate of analysis, think twice about buying from that company. A certificate of analysis gives the customer peace of mind when it comes to their purchase, because the lab results are there to see. The actual amount of CBD in the product is verified, and other important cannabinoids can be identified, such as in the 1000mg full spectrum CBD extract from GreenWise CBD. Full spectrum means that the product has a “full” range of cannabinoids in its formulation.

GreenWise CBD believes strongly in transparency and provides its customers with certificates of analysis for each one of their products, including one of their most popular, the 1000mg full spectrum CBD oil   Don’t waste your money on fake, low potency, and untested CBD. Trust GreenWise CBD to provide you with the best quality products, backed by a satisfaction guarantee. That is first of the Top 5 Reasons Why CBD May Not Have Worked for You.


#2 – Incorrect Dosing Strategy

The second reason for not feeling the desired results from CBD may be your dosing strategy. Finding the right dosage may feel a little like looking for a needle in a haystack when just beginning, but it’s very important to be patient. Scientists have discovered that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) within our bodies is part of what helps us maintain the balance, or homeostasis within many of our regulatory systems. This is where CBD exerts its influence, and it may take time for balance to be restored.

There is also some trial and error involved in finding the appropriate amount of CBD to work for your body and with your particular health goal in mind. GreenWise CBD’s 1000mg CBD extract is a great place to start with dosing, because each dropper is labeled for easy measuring. There are no hard and fast rules for starting dosages since each body is unique. It may take some time and consistent use to find what gives you the best results. Here are a few hints for beginning your CBD regimen.

Hint #1: Starting low may be beneficial for some, but for others it may not be enough. As mentioned, the 1000mg CBD oil is great for beginners because the dosage can be easily read and measured from the dropper. You may decide to start with half a dropper and gradually work up to a full dropper. Either way, the next hint is important no matter what dosage you start with.

Hint #2: Keep a journal or log of what you are taking and at what time of the day. Don’t change the dosage too quickly or randomly. Every ‘body’ is different and it may take longer for some people to notice a difference as their body adjusts to taking CBD. By keeping a journal, you can record both how much you have taken, and also how you are feeling with that particular dosage.

Hint #3: You may notice effects sooner if taking a full spectrum CBD product like GreenWise CBD’s 1000mg full spectrum CBD oil. Since the full spectrum product contains all of the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant, including a small amount of THC, it is proposed that these substances work better together in what is known as the “entourage effect”. The importance of the entourage effect is that by taking a full spectrum product, it is thought to have a greater therapeutic effect for the body than if taking CBD isolate alone.

Overall, be patient and keep trying. Adjust your dosages slowly and consistently to find what works best for you.

That is second of the Top 5 Reasons Why CBD May Not Have Worked for You.


#3 – Type of CBD Product Used

Here’s the 3rd of the Top 5 Reasons Why CBD May Not Have Worked for You. There is a vast array of ways to use and consume CBD. Examples include gummies, tinctures, and oils, among many others! While it’s nice to have so many options, each one is absorbed into the body a little differently. For example, when you chew a 25mg gummy, it needs to first pass through the digestive tract and then be processed by the liver before ending up in the blood stream. However, when you place a dropper full of the 1000mg CBD extract (33mg) under your tongue, the CBD is absorbed into the blood stream through the sublingual blood vessels in the mouth. This fast acting and readily absorbable method of taking CBD is just one of the reasons why GreenWise CBD’s 1000mg CBD oil is a best seller!

If the CBD product you have been using in the past, hasn’t brought the desired results, consider switching the type of CBD you consume and compare the effects.


#4 – Length of Time Using CBD

Depending on the condition that you are using CBD for, or how deficient your individual body may be of its natural endocannabinoids, it may take a little while before you feel the intended effects. While some people do report feeling an immediate relief or benefit, for others it may take a few weeks or even a couple of months to experience noticeable change.

Remember, CBD works on the endocannabinoid system which has receptors throughout the body and is responsible for homeostasis, or balance within our body systems. It takes time for CBD to help restore balance to the body, especially if there have been long-term deficiencies in your system. The 1000mg full spectrum CBD extract offered by GreenWise CBD contains a full cannabinoid profile in its formulation, giving the body the perfect therapeutic blend of compounds to work with. When using CBD, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. In fact, genetics, your metabolism, body composition and weight also play a part in how your body processes CBD. Given time however, your body will adjust naturally with the CBD supplement.

In general, don’t give up to soon, slowly make adjustments, increase the dosage incrementally, and be patient while the body readjusts.


#5 – Unrealistic Expectations

William Shakespeare explained it best when he said, “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” Although CBD most definitely has a wonderful breadth of health benefits, it is not a “cure all”. For a few people it may take some extra work to find not only the right product formulation, but also the best method of consumption and the proper dosage that brings about the desired effects. We’ve covered a number of factors that may affect the response you have with CBD, including the quality and type of CBD product used, as well as the dosing and amount of time taking it. 

Here are just a few remaining thoughts for those who are new to using CBD.

You won’t feel a “buzz” using CBD because it’s non-intoxicating. Even the 1000mg full spectrum CBD oil by GreenWise CBD, with just a small amount of THC (under 0.3%) will not cause you to feel “high”. You may feel relaxed, less anxious, or sleepy, so when starting a CBD regimen, it is advisable to take it at night first until you know how it effects your alertness.

Finally, the effects of using CBD may be subtle. This is one reason for keeping the journal so that changes in mood, pain level, anxiety, and other subjective symptoms can be monitored and recorded.  

While there is a scientific basis and clear mechanism behind the way CBD works, it takes time to determine how your individual body will react. With a little bit of knowledge, some time, and a good quality CBD product, you will have a much better chance of experiencing the best possible health benefits with CBD.

Erin Erb Hughes is a freelance health writer and educator with specializations in physical therapy and massage therapy. She uses CBD herself, and has seen great results in her patients and clients who utilize CBD products for many types of ailments and chronic conditions. 

Disclaimer: GreenWise CBD and its affiliates are not able to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment guidance. The information presented here has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not meant as a substitute for, or an alternative to information given by a healthcare practitioner. Please consult your physician before beginning a CBD regimen. 

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