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About Our CBD

Our CBD oil is considered a full spectrum extract. Which means it has all the benefits of other cannabis based products. CBD Oil is a safe alternative to prescription pain killers and over the counter drugs which contain harsh chemical compounds. In our CBD Oil your customers/ patients have a natural product for relief.

At GreenWise CBD we offer the highest quality certified Oregon Hemp farmed without the use of any herbicides or pesticides. CBD products are made in the USA in a FDA registered facility and fully compliant with GMP batch records and practices. Our products are third party lab tested for quality assurance. We take pride in offering pure and natural ingredients formulated by pharmacists using Pure CBD and Hemp Seed oil to provide a multitude of benefits to the user.

When selling to your clients be sure to educate them about dosage

Educate your staff to be able to answer frequently asked questions. Be careful with claims about products. Language training in interacting with customers is very important. Both you and your team should understand the business of selling CBD oil. You do not have the authority to make claims that prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure a disease. Be cautious with the language you use with customers. The best practice is to avoid making any medical claims and stray from using terminology that would be used for medication.

Remember if you and your staff are helpful and knowledgeable you will earn the confidence of many loyal and returning customers. Thousands of people are discovering CBD as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Your success depends on making your customer aware of your CBD products. GreenWise CBD helps your clients feel better Naturally and Enjoy life to the fullest

Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil:

  • Assists in Decreasing Joint and muscular pain
  • Assists in improving depression
  • Anxiety Reducer
  • Natural Sleep Aid
  • Helps Improve Nerve Health
  • Helps Regulate Metabolism
  • ​Helps with inflamation
  • Weight Management
  • Contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 Fatty Acids
Contact us for our Wholesale Pricing and with any questions you may have. We have Very Good References on the quality of our service and the quality and effectiveness of our products and we guarantee your satisfaction.

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